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Virtual training
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VR Training development and
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Why VR Training

Companies are transforming rapidly towards industry 4.0 with an ever-growing need for skilled workers. They’re hard to find and training them is costly and time consuming.

Training workers virtually is the next big step in training personnel towards operational excellence.

Training with VR reduces machine downtime, increases safety and saves costs on global training expenses, towards a more efficient production process and a better manageable training process.

It’s by far the best practice of learning by doing, without safety and operational risks.



VR business case development

For most companies, Virtual Training is new. A logical first step is to define a business case for virtual training.

We support you with the development of a strong business case to discover the applications for Virtual Reality in your company and its training environment.


Best cases

Trainees become skilled workers with virtual training, without interfering with current production processes and without experiencing safety issues. Multiple trainees are able to do the same training anywhere in the world at any given time.

With a Virtual Reality headset and controllers, people are trained on virtual machines that are identical to the machines on the production floor.

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Filling line VR training
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Apollo Vredestein
Apollo Vredestein
Mould exchange VR Training
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Training Performance Analytics

Performance data of trainees is captured digitally with the virtual training of Serious VR. Capturing this training data automatically gives organizations insights into the performance and development opportunities of trainees. And eventually it supports organizations with the development of a flexible workforce.

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