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Maintenance Training

Learn to do maintenance anywhere
on the globe without the presence
of physical machines.

From global to local training

Machine manufacturers often face challenges with service and maintenance issues around the globe. Service engineers are required to travel long distances while local service engineers are available. These on site engineers, however, don’t have the required expertise to do maintenance work.

By using Virtual Reality training, local maintenance crews can be trained and deployed for specific maintenance and service operations, without the need of an expert service engineer.

While training in Virtual Reality, the chance of damaging expensive tooling and objects on site is reduced to a minimum. This makes maintenance training in Virtual Reality a cost effective and efficient solution.

Gamification and Lean manufacturing

Training in Virtual Reality is not just about transforming existing training to a digital environment. It’s a new way of thinking and developing training. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that personnel is learning by doing without disturbing the production process.

By using gamification elements, production workers in any age category will be highly motivated to redo training and improve their output and scores. This will result in better trained personnel and operational excellence.

Operation management theories like Lean manufacturing principles can easily be integrated with operational training in Virtual Reality.


Increase production capacity
Reduce training costs
Train anywhere anytime
Reduce training time
Increase knowledge
Increase motivation
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