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Operational Training

Learn how to work on a variety of
machines without being in the factory.

Maximizing production capacity

Operational training on machines can start long before a machine is being used in production, simply by training in Virtual Reality. This is especially helpful when industrial companies open new production sites abroad.

Maximizing production capacity and minimizing failure costs is another incentive to have operators trained in virtual reality. They’ll be ready to work on machines effectively before operating real machines.

This way of training gives the ability to standardize training processes based on best cases from your operators all over the world. Reducing training costs drastically.

Gamification and Lean manufacturing

Training in Virtual Reality is not just about transforming existing training to a digital environment. It’s a new way of thinking and developing training. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that personnel is learning by doing without disturbing the production process.

By using gamification elements, production workers in any age category will be highly motivated to redo training and improve their output and scores. This will result in better trained personnel and operational excellence.

Operation management theories like Lean manufacturing principles can easily be integrated with operational training in Virtual Reality.


Increase production capacity
Reduce training costs
Train anywhere anytime
Reduce training time
Increase knowledge
Increase motivation
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