VR Training

The success of VR training is due to the process. Serious VR combines the best methods of information management, gamification and Virtual Reality leading to operational excellence for operators and engineers.

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Operational training

Learn how to work on a variety of machines
without being in the factory.

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Operational incident training

Learn how to coop with specific incidents
and quickly become a senior operator.

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Maintenance training

Learn to do maintenance anywhere
on the globe without the presence
of physical machines.

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VR Training development process

Serious VR develops its training and software by using tested and proven process steps, getting you the best possible VR training.

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Train anywhere anytime

Train personnel with a uniform process anywhere on the globe at any time

Increase production capacity

Train personnel without disturbing the production process and loosing production capacity

Reduce training costs

Lower your training costs:

  • Save on travel, lodging and training location expenses;
  • Save on guiding hours of experienced personnel;
  • Save on collateral damage of machines, tooling and parts;
  • Save on optimizing production capacity.

Increase Motivation

Keep personnel motivated and their knowledge up to date:

  • Gamification makes training more fun and motivates commitment;
  • Updating training modules can be easily distributed keeping the knowledge of personnel uniformly up to date.

Reduce training time

New experience is gained more quickly resulting in faster operational ready personnel

Increase knowledge

Senior experience is caught and transferred to junior personnel resulting in a higher general knowledge level of your personnel.

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